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In the centre of Flanders, Ghent is one of the nicest towns in Europe with its historical heritage and its countless attractions. Ghent has more classified monuments than any other city in Belgium. Visiting Ghent means strolling through European history and being enthralled by an interesting history moving between fierce intrepidity on the one hand and modest artistic sophistication on the other. It is here that the unsurpassed altarpiece ‘The Mystic Lamb’ is painted. But at the same time there are sharp contrasts between the sumptuous lifestyle of a prosperous class of entrepreneurs and the characteristics of a densely populated town of factory workers. This is the way Ghent should be looked at: raw and also full of grace, surly and aristocratic too: the characteristics of the numerously preserved monuments and rich art and culture.

Tip: You can visit Ghent at a discount price with CityCard Gent. This is an all-in package for visits to the main historical buildings, museums and top attractions in Ghent in combination with transport by bus, tram or boat and a user guide. The card costs 25 or 30 euros. This will allow you to explore the city for 48 or 72 hours.

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Accommodation – NH Ghent Belfort (Hoogpoort 63. 9000 Ghent, Belgium)

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The official hotel for the event is the NH Ghent Belfort. We are offering only this hotel, this to maximise the chance for interaction and networking throughout the congress.

There is a hidden treasure tucked away in the heart of Ghent. Within this charming medieval city, standing in the shadow of the Town Hall, the NH Ghent Belfort hotel in Ghent waits for you to discover the riches it has to offer. The 174 room hotel maintains the ideal proximity to a wide range of architectural highlights and recreational delights for you to enjoy. Begin your day with breakfast at Restaurant De Drake then journey to nearby Belfry tower, St. Baafssquare, Gravensteen Castle, Korenmarkt, Designmuseum, or picturesque Graslei harbor—just some of the area attractions within walking distance to the NH Ghent Belfort hotel. The hotel offers guests access to a private parking lot. Cars that run on LPG gas are not permitted in the parking lot.

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Travel by plane

Belgium has 2 major airports:

  • Brussels Airport: biggest international airport (for all the major airlines). The trainstation at the airport is at level -1 (arrivals at level 1, departures at level 2). There are frequent IC trains to Ghent-Sint-Pieters Railway Station (55 minutes). > more info…
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport: smaller airport with connections to many european cities (Ryanair and Wizzair). From Charleroi airport there are frequent shuttle busses (Brussels City Shuttle) to Brussel-Midi trainstation (1 hour) from where you can get a train to Ghent-Sint-Pieters Railway Station. > more info…

Indication of some flight times to Brussels: New York: 8h 50min, Los Angeles: 11h 45min, Rio de Janeiro: 12h 10min, Beijing: 10h 25min, Sydney: 21h 20min, Moscow: 3h 20min, Berlin: 1h 20min, Madrid: 2h 10min

Travel by train Ghent_map_aroundGhent

  • You can travel by the high-speed train ‘Thalys’ directly to Ghent-Sint-Pieters Railway Station. From London, Amsterdam and Rotterdam you can take the TGV, Eurostar, Thalys, ICE,… (also high-speed trains) to Brussel-Midi.
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  • From there you can take an IC train to Ghent-Sint-Pieters Railway Station.
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Indication of some train times to Ghent:
Brussels: 55min, Paris: 2h 10min,
London: 3h 10min, Amsterdam: 2h 25min

Travel by car

Ghent is located at the intersection of two major European highways (E17 and E40). On the suburb of Ghent there are different P+R parkings, from where you can easily access the city by public transport. Driving in the city of Ghent is difficult due to traffic jams and expensive parking spots. When driving on Belgian highways also take into account that traffic jams are very likely, especially close to big cities like Antwerp and Brussels, which can cause considerable delay.

In Ghent

Tram 1 (red line) will take you from Ghent Sint-Pieters Railway Station to the center of Ghent (Korenmarkt). It takes you only 350m to walk from the Korenmarkt to the NH Belfort hotel.

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Interesting places to visit in Belgium

Historical cities

Gent (Ghent)
Brugge (Bruges)
Antwerpen (Antwerp)
Brussel (Brussels)

Belgian Specialities

Trappist Beer
Beer Museum Brussels
Chocolate Museum Bruges
Chocolate Museum Brussels
Diamond Museum Antwerp
French Fries Museum Bruges

Commemoration of World War I

In Flanders Fields Museum and events for 100 year World War I commemoration

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